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chelc (chel_c) wrote,
@ 2004-10-15 06:53:00
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    Current mood: tired

    6:45....waiting to go to durham
    Took triple c last night, didnt really know anything about it but i decided to take some. It was a pretty good trip,but in all my squacks and hallars a seem to have forgotten most of it. I was alone again, how it always ends up... But that didnt bother me nearly as much as knowing that some one (tanya) was worried about me.. Well. She was. and is. and well. im going to see her today. She brightened my day yesterday by having sent me a card in the mail. Made my day, maybe my week, even my month at that. To have some one tell you that they honestly truly love you for who you are is a great thing... no questions asked.
    Last night in all my aches and pains of the aftermath of the pills and beer i consumed i was woen up at about 3 oclock... to take asprin. But i did hear my mom... throwing up in her bathroom again no doubt. Sad. because... She sneeks in the bottle of vodka, she hides her drink, and drinks so much and then throws up... Are we really that BAD that she needs to be drinknig to like free us from her. I came home last night, at 11, like i was supposed to ( even tho i walked and have very little recolection of that). And the door was locked, light was off... she didnt think i was coming home... even though i told her i was. She came to the door and was like.. what are you doing... I was thinking the same thing. Although all in all it was serious, at the same exact time, it was humerous too. I mean you have to laugh at a couple who knows that the other person with them is just as fucked up as they are. And it was really funny when she started talking and i totally blanked out... haha
    well anyways its about 7 now... 30 mins till i leave. Hopfully today is positive! Hopefully today is good :). Going to see my bum.. always a plus.

    Love always

    ps... if i could get james to think of me.. tat would be ok too. haha

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