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Alli (cheerio54) wrote,
@ 2004-01-08 21:30:00
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    Current mood: distressed
    Current music:Bryan Adams -- Shot Through the Heart

    feel like sayin lots of shit today -sigh-
    ive just been sittin around not doin much. had piano, probably the best session ive had yet. well i wont spend time beating around the bush. ive just been doin a lot of thinkin lately and how idk ive probably said this millions of times before but after you get dumped by someone you really care about you sort of realize what a really great thing it is to have friends who really care, not just people who ask you whats wrong in the hall way and might ACTUALLY listen for a minute or two but after that they just say im sorry and then leave. i dont know where id be without you guys. i dont know if id be anywhere. its just that idk maybe its been a year but i feel as if we have been best friends for all our lives even though we hardly knew each other and carolyn almost didnt exist!!! i mean you guys have been there for me every time ive been feelin down, even if it was over crappy little things that dont matter jack shit, you still were there and offered advice. it just kills me that after high school is over we will probably all go our separate ways and never talk again.... oh dear that would not be happy now would it.

    ah yes what a lovely tiffany-like entry that is. how wonderful. que lastima. im so bloody bored... anyone know a cure for boredom? well i suppose moving out of this lame-ass town would help. well thats it. que barbaridad.

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