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Alli (cheerio54) wrote,
@ 2003-12-30 10:52:00
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    Current mood: exanimate
    Current music:Aerosmith -- Don't Want to Miss a Thing

    Wow... im way behind schedule....
    hey if you dont care to hear me complain skip my journal

    i have 1 essay past due and 2 essays due on friday (actually saturday @ 1 am) and i dont care to work on them GD IT I WANT MY BREAK! this is for my online class... the lovely one im taking to replace retarded and losery English I... those of you from hicktown who are in band know all about our ABSOLUTELY LOVELY playing quiz??? well mine is so high it goes up to B on the treble clef and i play bass clef! WTF!!?!??!??! im NEVER EVER EVER going to be able to play that. NEVER! the last of my complaints is that mrs olsen gave us hw over break... YOU DONT DO THAT!!! GRRRRRRRR IF YOU GIVE HW ITS WHAT TO STUDY FOR SEMESTER EXAMS... NOW THAT is something i could have used.

    on happier notes, im having a fairly good week in spite of all the WONDERFUL schoolwork due on friday/monday. tomorrow i will be going to tias house (i think?) and we have a special plot planned... wont say anymore about that now. bryan is coming over on thursday. hah.... yes carolyn i was lying in my previous entry.... its all false... false false false. muahahahahhahahahaha in ur face tiffany. kiss my ass. now you see that payback is a bitch. (even tho thats NOT why i like him, its only a BONUS) too bad you dont ACTUALLY like him, you only think you do b/c for YOUR type boyfriends/girlfriends are not a relationship, just an accessory. i hate you ppl.... not as individuals just you as a group and all your "morals" and "values". yeah especially the ones that say you give blowjobs at the age of 13. that is sick beyond all fucking reason... at least in my opinion. YEAH ALEX, EVEN WE, THE LOSERS FOUND OUT ABOUT THAT!!! and dont worry coral, if you truly LIKE being called a slut im sure we can arrange it.

    wow, big spaz of hatred for the popular ppl... but its all true. theyre so fake and superficial and they just ANNOY ME SOOOOO FUCKING MUCH!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. ok i wont hate anymore... for now...

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2003-12-31 01:42 (link)
I must say i cant agree more on the morals values thing, thats sick and may i say you stupid (man) whore(s) and the little popular ppl thing, although some are nice and you must admit that. but then there are the bitches... oh wait i mean bitches/ sluts .... well i'll ttyl ally

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