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Alli (cheerio54) wrote,
@ 2003-12-06 17:23:00
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    Current mood: dirty
    Current music:Lifehouse--Sick Cycle Carousel

    parents pissing the shit out of me
    god... my parents are such.... ugh... gd it

    ok so today was my moms grand opening and i figured she was gonna wake me up to go help. well she woke me up at 9:45 and her store was supposed to open @ 10. well i wanna kno who the hell can shower, dress, wash face, and brush teeth all in less than 15 minutes. especially someone who was up till midnight the previous night. so i finish at about 10, amazingly enough, and everyone is gone. so im like ok i guess theyll call. well my mom comes home @ like 2:30 and shes like WHERE THE HELL WERE U I CALLED SIX TIMES? and im like um.... no? cuz i didnt hear it?? and i was like 10 feet from the phone all day? and so im all what the fuck... and shes all YOUR FATHER IS LIVID and im like wtf do u want me to do, i wasnt on my computer AT ALL . no, i wasnt working, but... whatever... and shes like well u had better clean up this kitchen and im like ok fine whatever so i did and then my dad comes home and im all the phone didnt ring and hes like REALLY??? so he tries calling it and the fucking volume is all the way down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and then he turns it up and says ok u hear it now??? and im like well duh you just turned the volume up and hes thinking i bet she turned the volume down... and then hes like tomorrow you your mother and i will be having a talk about involvement in this household and im like.... ok i do more work than any of the other minors in this household along with band, piano, pending jazz band, and midrasha.

    anyways. i need help. I really need to eat better, but theres never anything healthy in this house that actuallyl doesnt require an hour of cooking. its so... retarded. just thought everyone would be interesting in hearing that.

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