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Alli (cheerio54) wrote,
@ 2004-12-01 19:53:00
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    Current mood: annoyed
    Current music:The song stuck in my head!!!11two

    people suck.
    90 QuEsTiOnS )) Please fill it out too and send it back!!!
    Okay, you all know the routine...copy (not forward) this email and paste it onto a new email that you will send. Change all the answers so that they apply to you, then send this to a whole bunch of people you know INCLUDING the person who sent it to you. The theory is not that you will learn lots of little facts about your friends, but that you will piss them off by forcing them to fill out this dumbass survey. I just hate these guys, but i have to send another one anyway, because my head is way too far up my ass for me to consider not sending it. This is long, but it is way -coughnot- worth it. Do it please! Some of these questions are weird...but oh well its not like you've ever received anything like this before so DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111111ELEVENTYONE
    1) Name: I have never understood this question. Seriously, if you don't know my name, why the FUCK are you sending this shit to me
    2) Nicknames: Nicknames? Who the hell has more than one nickname? If you do, you clearly blow dogs for quarters.
    3) Height: I have seen people put "I don't know" behind this. Who the fuck doesn't know their own height, at least to an approximation?
    4) Hair: Brown
    5) Siblings: Shit, you people try to fucking stalk me, why the fuck would you want to know the names of my skidmark laden siblings.
    6) Do you like to sing? Yes.
    7) Do you like to sing in the shower? No. Singing in the shower is pointless. If you sing in the shower, I will hunt you down and fuck you up.
    8) Birthday:
    9) Sign: Stop! um.. actually i donno lol... <--- If I boldface an answer, it was left there by the person who sent this to me, and should explain why I feel stupidity should be painful.
    10) Address: Zounds! I am a 12 year old kid who is going to give out her address to anyone who fucking sends me this email!!!
    11) Righty or Lefty: Pull your head out of your ass.
    12) Have you ever cheated? Nope! You are a preppy whore. You may only be 12 years old, but you have clearly fucked every guy in your class. Don't bullshit us.
    13) Marital status: Single and perfectly fine just having fun! See above.
    14) Do you have a car? What, you want to ask me to drive you somewhere? Well guess what you whore, I hate you, and everyone in your family. In fact, I am going to drown your family in an Olympic sized pool of bleach.
    15) Movie: Too many to pick! You could have saved yourself 20 secods and left this blank.
    16) Song: um... too many to pick! but i like hip hop, christian rock, and some rap!
    17) Book: I don't like reading so i don't have a fav. book. but i like teen people magazine This has to be my favorite. Teen People? Holy shit, you're 12 years old, in fact, I don't even think 13 constitutes "teenagerdom". Why the fuck are you reading Teen People? It's such a shitty magazine anyway...
    18) TV Shows: UM>> i donno... i like lotz of them Yes, you do know which TV shows you like. I bet your favorite TV shows are the amateur porn flicks you star in.
    19) Actor: f they're hot i like them a lot... no lol.. jk.. i really don't have one See #12
    20) Actress: i donno Holy fucking shitz0rz. Not only can you not spell out "I don't know", but you can't spell I dunno
    21) Food: I couldn't live without italian! She seems to have pulled her head out of her ass long enough to answer what kind of food she likes.
    22) Number: Stfu.
    23) Cartoon: I hate all these teenybop kiddies who think cartoons suck. Cartoons kick ass. If you don't like cartoons, then I'm going to administer the punishment described in #14.

    51) What do you think of soul mates? No comment.
    52) Is it right to flirt if you have a bf/gf? no but itz only flirting She's clearly evading the question here, refer to #12.
    52) What was the last thing you cried over or got tears from? 12 year olds don't deserve to cry. Their parents provide them with water and other nutrients necessary for their pansy asses to survive, therefore you don't get to waste that shit on crying. Hell, its bad enough that we allow them to piss, let alone something like crying.
    53) What's something about guys/girls you don't get: y they fight so much about who's going out with who i mean just get over it Hypocritical bitch.
    54) Worst feeling in the world: This was clearly meant to be a cheesy question, but I'm going with having someone outbid you on Ebay.
    55) What's an object you can't live without: This chick said radio, but I'm betting shes thinking about something that starts with d and ends with ildo.
    56) People know you're around when they hear? everyone having a good time and laughing Maybe she gives good head? I don't know.
    57) What school do you go to? Cambridge Middle School That's not even the name of it you ignorant bitch. And by the way, thanks for telling the whole world what town you live in, that definitely doesn't defeat the purpose of you leaving out your address... oh wait -.-
    58) Have you ever gone sky diving? How dare you insult skydiving by including it in your cockbite survey.
    59) Do you sleep with stuffed animals? What are we, 4? Christ on a cracker.
    60) Do you have any piercings? yes.... ears... and i'm gonna get my eyebrow pierced Eyebrow piercings are idiotic, and they look like shit, and they do not make you look goth, or punk, or unique. Just shitty.
    61) What color is your room? mom's house: white dad's house: hot pink YEA! Pink is a shitty color. Especially hot pink.
    62) What song are u listening to right now? i'm not listenin to music! but i guess the song stuck in my head! Must you put an exclamation point after everything you say? Holy shit do you really think we care that much? And saying "the song stuck in my head" makes no sense.
    63) What are the last 4 digits of your phone number: cell: 8991 I wish she had included her whole number, it would not only show what an ignorant bitch she is, but also enable all of you to call her and tell her what an ignorant bitch she is.
    64 and 65 have been edited out because, again, I do not allow idiotic, cheesy shit on my pages.
    66) Favorite sport? Volleyball Volleyball sucks. It seriously requires no skill whatsoever, and yes, I have played it, so I can diss it all I want.
    67) What makes you happy? Friends, Family, Music, Life! Drink bleach.
    68) What's the next cd/s you're gonna get? Linkin Park Simple Plan.. i donno Green DAY! yea! um... yea i want lotz You told us before that you like rap and Christian rock. Linkin Park is all SATAN and EVIL and BAD. Did I mention before that your taste in music sucks cock?
    I left out these next 20 or so questions, because unlike this bitch, I wouldn't plague you with a long and pointless survey like this. Oh wait. I just did.
    89) What do you think of this person: i can't remember who sent to me but i think they r dumb for sendin me this letter that takes over a 1/2 hour to fill out! So why the fuck did you send it to me, bitch?
    90) Do you want your friends to write back? YEs! if i have to do this they do to! You don't HAVE to do anything. You could have pulled your head out of your ass for the 10 seconds it would take to delete this piece of shit and done so. But no, you had to send it to all of your "friends" because if you don't, some 4534 year old midget in Bangladesh will have donkey balls stuck to his cheek forever. Oops, wrong forward. Tune in next week.

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