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Alli (cheerio54) wrote,
@ 2004-11-11 21:39:00
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    Current mood: pessimistic
    Current music:Lost Prophets -- Last Train Home

    Me > You
    yep, thats right. i pwn j00r gimpy a55.

    well its too bad that school is happening again tomorrow. but at least ill be missing my last 3 classes. the bad news here is that my last three classe are study hall, careers, and art. While careers is definitely not my favorite class, its quite tolerable compared to the rest of the bullshit i deal with over the course of my day. See preceding entry. Art happens to be my outlet for all the BS i deal with over the course of said day. That is, of course, unless i'm having an especially shitty day. Now, to business

    im feeling particularly detached lately, like im trapped inside a glass ball where i can see everything quite clearly, and hear everything, not quite so clearly, but i can, and i can move and interact... but im just kind of off in my own little world. its uncool because im just not able to really communicate with people. and then of course theres the fact that i get so pissed off so easily these days. its not cool. its not cool at all and i want help but its like no one cares.

    alright enough of my whinging, back to shit that pisses me off. how about those fucking freshman who are always all emo and wannabe goth and all that shit. how fucking annoying is that. i want to kill all of them for their idiocy. When i see people like ashley c. wearing a BAM/Element shirt that is black with pink lettering, it pisses me off almost as much as english, and it makes me want to walk across the choir room and kill her. i want to punch all her pearly white teeth down her throat. in fact, its just that look about her that pisses me off, like, "because im "hot" and "wanted" and "popular" im, like, totally, so much better than you! Kay?" no. you are not. you are a cocksucking hobag. in fact, i know many guys who would not find you hot, simply because you always look like you're eating shit. oh and by the way, Whore Ashley, if i ever get a chance to say this to your face, i most definitely will, because it might give your IQ a boost.

    well.... thats enough for now. have a nice day and remember... me > you

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