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Alli (cheerio54) wrote,
@ 2004-08-14 12:53:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:Judas Priest -- (Take These) Chains

    rofl i havent updated in awhile but
    ROFL i found this hilarious site that gives "signs that your child is goth" and here they are (i've boldfaced the ones that apply to me)

    Wears black clothing.
    fuck it, ill wear black until the make something darker

    Has piercings or tattoos.
    yes, my ears are pierced thus i am goth durr...

    Wears a pentagram or an ankh (an ancient Egyptian symbol used in Satanic Ba’al-worshipping rituals).
    ankhs are cool looking

    Wears rock T-shirts.
    i suppose xtian rock tshirts dont count now do they

    Listens to GOTH bands such as Marilyn Manson, or to other antisocial music.
    marilyn manson is ok, and btw most "anti social/satanic" music advocates progression through agression and other positive lifestyles.

    "Hangs out" with new friends.
    ok, the one above says "antisocial". they imply that it is bad. but now, they WANT you to be anti social. how about we stick to one story here. and... hanging out as opposed to what?? playing? yes, im 15 years old i totally like to play with my friends -_-

    Demands an unusual amount of privacy.
    some ppl like to pray privately? and this is what teenagers do

    Shows diminished interest in wholesome activities such as church, prayer, and sports.
    "wholesome" activities. some ppl dont like sports?

    Takes drugs.
    when i am ill i take an ibuprofen. if you dont then you are stupid.

    Kills people for fun.
    see, generally, if you kill ppl, ppl find out and then you get a one way trip to prison. while it does happen, im pretty sure that 80% of ppl under 18 don't participate in murder "for fun"

    Stays up late at night and/or drinks blood.

    Watches cable.
    b/c law and order is so fucking evil

    Complains of headaches, boredom, nausea, stabbing pains or thirst.
    i would think, that if you are thirsty, you would say so. same for if you are in pain. sometimes, when ppl get a headache, they like to tell ppl about it. oh and by the way, if you live in hicktown, USA, like me, you will probably get bored.

    Is secretive.
    CIA agents are secretive. does that make them goths?

    Spends large amounts of time alone.

    Spends large amounts of time with people you don’t know.

    Misbehaves in school.

    "Forgets" to do chores, possibly because of drug or alcohol abuse.
    or maybe im just lazy?

    Hears music when the only sound is noise, possibly because of drug or alcohol abuse.
    or maybe, you hear noise when the only sound is music?

    Uses a computer or the Internet.
    well, obviously the ppl who made this website are goths, b/c obviously they used the internet

    Plays video games or role-playing games
    crash bandicoot is fucking EVIL!!! oh and pokemon too!!! so much satan

    Reads science fiction or fantasy books.
    harry potter... while not five star literature, there is nothing about it that promotes evil or satanism, in fact, all i see in there is like, positive lifestyle and lets all fight evil... yada yada yada. dumbshit ppl.

    Writes angry entries in a secret diary (you can usually find the diary easily if you search your child’s room).
    yes lets invade our childs privacy, therefore making him/her hate us even more, WE ARE GOOD FUCKING PARENTS!!

    Has paranoid fantasies (many GOTHS accuse their parents of spying on them).
    See. Above.

    Pursues dangerous cult religions such as WICCA, SATANISM, HINDUISM and BUDDHISM.
    idk, i mean, hinduism and buddhism are about inner peace and calm, idk how they are dangerous. as for wicca and satanism... you never hear about them killing in the name of satan/wiccan gods/goddesses do you. how is it dangerous.

    Insists on spending time with friends while unaccompanied by an adult.

    Uses the blood of Christian babies to inscribe pentagrams or other symbols on churches and schools.
    cuz so many ppl do this.

    Sleeps too much or too little.
    one cannot sleep too much. even if they did, how does that relate to being goth

    Eats too much or too little.
    see above

    Looks at pornography or otherwise shows interest in sex.
    -cough- catholic priests -cough- oh and like every male older than 12

    Is a homosexual, bisexual, or "pansexual."
    as far as i can tell, catholic priests molesting altar BOYS is kind of homosexual now isnt it.

    Smokes clove cigarettes.

    Leaves syringes or other drug paraphernalia around the house.
    this doesnt mean youre goth, it means youre a dumbass

    Eats GOTH-related foods such as Count Chocula breakfast cereal.

    Mocks authority figures such as teachers, guidance counselors or Jesus.
    how can you not make fun of mrs eggebitch

    Says, "I am a GOTH."
    this most definitely means that you are not goth

    Wears a pin that says, "I am a GOTH."
    see above

    Talks about going to GOTH clubs or parties.
    as far as i know, goths dont have clubs or parties. if they do, this is a teenybopper wannabe goth thing, for those who think evanescence is the best band ever

    Asks for locks of hair from casual acquaintances.
    once again, cuz you know that so many ppl do this. actually, there was a thing in days gone by where lovers gave each other locks of hair, but whatever.

    Owns more than one cast-iron cauldron.
    maybe the person is into cast iron cauldrons. or maybe he or she is a harry potter wannabe. probably not goth.

    Dances to music.

    Behaves in any unusual or alarming way.
    such as... blindly following rules like this?

    they say if your child has 5 or more of these "symptoms" then he/she must be goth. guess im in trouble -_-

    The link to the site is here in case you dont believe that anyone could be douchebagworthy enough to waste their time on such an endeavor.

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