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Alli (cheerio54) wrote,
@ 2004-07-21 20:13:00
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    Current mood: bitchy
    Current music:none as my g-d damn winamp won't fucking work

    you all get to read my bullshit once again
    id like to bitch today

    first of all, id like to bitch about my sisters. they never do anything and yet they think that they do too much. i ask brenna to take out the fucking trash and she starts throwing shit at me. theyre all fucking brats except sammie and kenzie may have normalness potential but brenna is gone. most definitely.

    second, id like to bitch about fundamentalists. stop fucking telling everyone that your religion is right and everyone else is wrong b/c i seriously think we are all going to die and find out that the greeks or the egyptians had it right all along and then im going to be laughing my ass off for all eternity. anyway, if you dont stop im seriously going to go on a fundie killing spree.

    next id like to bitch about how people can say "bush is sooooooooo cool" and yet all they have to back it up with is "hes so sweet" or "hes just a real american guy". now, i am not a huge kerry fan. but seriously, bush has done so much shit that i really think that 4 years is quite enough. he pulls us out of the kyoto treaty (an effort by several world nations to cut back on greenhouse gas) he declines to have the US join the UN, he starts riots whenever he goes to foreign countries, his foreign policy sucks donkey balls and btw... no one died when clinton lied (even though he was a complete asshole)

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