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Alli (cheerio54) wrote,
@ 2004-01-17 16:26:00
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    Current mood: artistic
    Current music:Burnt Toast Cult -- No Simple Analogy

    New song!
    another new song for the burnt toast cult. sorry carolyn, no bass for you. you have been reduced to the dude who sits on the floor wearing sunglasses and playing congo drums. i have developed this passion for bass. bass rocks. go bass. anyways, heres the new song:

    No Simple Analogy

    I don’t know... what to do
    Because for all the trust I gave to you
    You lied
    And I died
    The same way I always do.
    Don’t attempt apology
    There is no simple analogy
    You try
    And I cry
    The same way that I always do

    You don’t (you don’t)
    You won’t (you won’t)
    Be there
    Ever care
    Don’t dare
    Trying to crawl back to me

    I’m so sick of your cocky edge
    You think you’re all that
    If you can’t be there for me
    There is no simple analogy
    So don’t care
    Or be there
    Or ever dare
    Trying to come back to me

    (Gradually fade chorus 2x)

    isnt that beautiful? its completely finished too and im very happy with it. btw... if any of you steal my song ill have to cut off your penis, staple it to your forehead and call you a dickhead. isnt that nice? i know. well... thats all. buhbye

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2004-01-18 00:51 (link)
i think, and i might be wrong, but i gave you the inspiration of trust to write that song...kinda. its really good, and i feel, i dunno, involved/inspiring

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2004-01-18 12:58 (link)
actually you did give me trust to write it about. dont you feel special now? i knew it. heehee. glad you think its good =)

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