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Fire_Tearz (cheeky_chippy) wrote,
@ 2004-09-16 16:56:00
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    Current mood: confused
    Current music:Blue October - Razorblade

    guyz keep fuckin my world ^_^
    Well, ok, had a good day at school today....and with triple english and double sociology you wouldn't think that was possible, but hey =D Free just before lunch, so I came home. All good I hear u cry? well, I thought so ^_^ Was totally amazed when I walked into mah house with a nearly totally topless guy cleaning the house...just ^_^ lol 18 yrz old 2, yay!
    OK...Letz c if I can do a profile on him...don't know that much yet, but letz give it a shot =D

    Name: Adam
    Fav genre of music: R&B and Hip Hop =(
    What Have I learnt from him:toTing:is to do everything xcept insert dick into pussy!!!
    Why I'm writing about him in my journal:Because today I walked into the house and found him in a tight white guy-tank top thingy cleaning...CLEANING ahahahahahahaha and cause he'z made me realize I'm not great at talking to guyz or avoiding them and me getting into a "situation"...but hey, he didn't force me to do n e thing, which was kick ass =D
    Why I'm having issues here: cause I don't know why I can't just let go and let myself be with a real life boy off the net. Yes I keep getting hurt...but I can deal with that!!! And hey, the internet guyz probably wouldn't even mind o.O And plus, Adam only wantz to 'Ting' and not even get to know me so itz not HIM I'm talkin bout gettin wid, just n e guy really =P lolz

    Ok, I needed to get all that out. Calmeth now...nothing'll happen, but hey, he's cute!! lol

    I donno, ch00ky was online at the time, and I ignored him basically and feel really bad =( SORRY CH00KY ONE!!!!!!!!!!! *sighz*

    Like I told ch00ky the other day, I may as well note it down here, Jessie is becomming obsessed with money =( I miss him. Hardly get to talk, and when he's online I neva know what to say...but I'm glad he'z gonna survive over there quite nicely ... but still =(

    Blue October - Razorblade

    In the day by day collision
    Called the art of growing up
    There's an innocence we look for in the stars
    To be taken back to younger days
    When there was no giving up
    On the people we held closest to our hearts

    Yeah it is you that I remember in that glowing
    It is you that took my first away from me
    It is you I set my standards to... to every walk of life
    I haven't met another you since you were with me.

    (Chorus) A brief bout with a razorblade cut me
    I freaked out, thinking people didn't love me
    I watched closely as the you I knew forgot me
    In letting go, I am so proud of what I've done

    In a way, I failed religion
    I spit the wine from mouth to cup
    And I reached for something more than just your God
    Uncle, you spared not your children
    And while your praying hands are up
    There's no forgiveness for you! You sick fuck!

    It is you that I remember in their bedroom
    It is you that took their first away from them
    It is you they set their standards to
    You wounded them for life
    You were a preacher and suppose to be above men

    Sing with me
    (Chorus)A brief bout with a razorblade cut me
    I freaked out, thinking people didn't love me
    I watched closely as the you I knew forgot me
    In letting go, I am so proud of what I've done

    OMG I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!! lol

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