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If You Cant Avoid It Write About It (cheektocheek42) wrote,
@ 2004-06-28 15:40:00
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    Current mood: angry
    Current music:the fucking volume on the tv thats extremely loud

    I hate him
    I hate my god damn brother more than anything right now. I was finaly fucking sleeping FINALLY and he comes up in the attic and I like to keep on mtv2 at night to fall asleep with music on and I am soooow eird when i sleep. He turned up the volume and starts changing the channels and eating popcorn and making the most obnoxious noises while eating it i want to fucking kill him. I asked him nicely to watch tv downstairs, and that I relaly dont get much sleep and he knows that. Does he care? nope so he turned up the volume more in spite. That fucking douche bag needs to get a life and realize that not everything revolves around his little fucking petty ass. I am tired of him and I am soooo TIRED.

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2004-06-29 03:51 (link)
You are not the only one like that. I hate my entire family. I am 120% sure i'd live way better if i was the only kid. That little fag keeps annoying everyone in my family, but especially me... I always knew that little brothers should be killed at their births!

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2004-06-29 17:16 (link)
haha yeah is what sucks is this ones older. hes crazy.

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