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If You Cant Avoid It Write About It (cheektocheek42) wrote,
@ 2004-05-10 21:20:00
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    Current mood: content
    Current music:Blindside: Sleepwalking

    You can Hide.
    I have come to realize that all of my blurty entries are either my sad emotion, my bitter emotion, or my straight up hatred. *shrugs* I am not sure why that is. No one really reads my blurty anymore because I use my livejournal a lot more often, at the same time only a few have blurty's anymore. *sigh* Ummm.

    I wished that things were out in the open, that straight up everything was right there. Its not. I feel very unsettled because I have so many things to say to people, that I just cant find the opportune moment to confront people. I mean things are going good right now I suppose. I dont want my feelings to screw shit up like always. I am soooo god damn good at that.

    Memorial weekend kids. my parental units are away... the shore and so is scott. Um I dont know if you feel like seeing me... i mean, let me know? I am always offering to hang out with people... it seems like no one else puts forth the effort anymore.

    Today was really nice. Me and lindsay talked a lot and sat in the park. heh ice cream style also.

    I need him to be here, I need his confidence in order to have some myself and I need his understanding to be able to cope... I need his friendship more than I need the world. Lame. Feelings are the source of hell.

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2004-05-14 12:32 (link)
I read both. :)

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