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KAra* (checkeredstar) wrote,
@ 2003-02-27 17:32:00
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    Absolutly no ones dead.
    hmmm nothing really been going on. Ariane almost beat up alex today because alex "doesnt like black people". it was funny. i wnt to go to allister :( no fair. kris is going and prob kyle and his little band and jessica maybe. i got interums. it was aactually decent!!

    Journalism: A
    3D Art: A
    English 1 Honors: A
    Alegbra 1: B

    i know i must bring that B up. I've never had straight A's before but if i may them from now on i'll get a car. i still doubt it will ever happen. I've been maybe my familt take me driving alot this week. im to scared to drive out of my neihborhood yet though. maybe in a week or so. Im sad. Lane got an F in science and her mom may block my # untill report cards. im happy i did well. I need to go shopping i have like no clothes.
    JoJo has been calling amanda alot, to like talk about his problems and whatnot. its kind of weird. hes like OUR JoJo. the jojo we never talk to but always was on our minds. the jojo we werent supposed to talk to or see after Aug. 2 summers ago. and i bet if we wre still friend it would be differnt, i would be talking to him right now. I mean the reason why we're not friends is so retarded. I was pissed at her from hidding her Bines(is that a word?) for 2 years. She thought i was pissed at her for BEING bi. that wasnt it at all. i am happy though because i think she just brought out bad things in me that im happy i got id of, somethimes though, not often i miss her. like when i talk to people we used to be friends with and then they ask why we arent frienda anymore...or when i see her in the mall and it hurts that i cant even say hi. but then i remeber everthing she put me through and yeah. ok i think im going to stop now because i doubt anyone wants her hear about this. I want to watch clueless, but i ont have it. teartear. heathers going out w/ alex...its so cute. arianes going out w/ this kid Oren...Owen...Omar...something like that. im going to go cioa!


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2003-02-28 18:09 (link)
hey kara i was on ur old journal. add me again? the writings all white on this.... <33 shana*

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2003-02-28 18:37 (link)
hey shae! consider yourself added!! :). Did you wait for the layout to load?? if u wait you can read eveything!!


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