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lips of ice (checked) wrote,
@ 2003-08-13 21:35:00
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    Current mood:cranky
    Current music:stacys mom

    day trippers kill the beach, and toay is dounut day
    ok, well i have had a few, ok alot of bad experience with day trippers, tourists, shoobees, bennies, and poser beach commers. they think that they are all SURFER/SKATER/LETS GO UP TOWN N DRESS LIKE SLUTS when they come to lbi. ALL OF YOU NEED TO GO HOME. if u aint got an address, then ur gonna hafta turn ur butts around, or follow our rules.

    1. dont come within 3 ft of my beach towal, in the process of yall dragin ur beach umbrellas, blow-up rafts, and boogie boards, on my beach, and my lifeguards beach.... u always seem to get sand everywhere!
    2. if u are going out in a group of more than three people, make sure u spice up ur wardrobe, this means, when the three of u all have white shirts (example) and short shorts on, u can tell that ur together, and it just looks dumb.
    3. dont yell obscene things out of your busted car windows, especially if u arent even playing good music in ur automobile. (this also includes the use of air horns in replace of horns in ur car)
    4. please dont stand next to your dad while he is wearing a matching hat and bathing suit especially if u are digging a hole, as a family.
    5. dont talk to my lifeguard, uh because hes mine, and offers me sips of his juicy juice, after he has already had a sip of it. dont look at his back, beacuse that is mine as well. its so nice
    6. dont wear sneakers on the beach
    7. if u broke any of the previous rules on my list... go to the katch, cuz thats not where i will b, and i wont hafta see u!!

    have a wonderful stay, and try not to piss too many people off. DONT FORGET THE SPF! (lifeguard told me that one)

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