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che (chebabe) wrote,
@ 2003-05-21 22:32:00
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    Current mood: hopeful
    Current music:Barbie Girl

    Ruben 'Stud'dard
    So yes yes Ruben won.. hurray for Ruben. I am very happy for him.. and I won a whole 50 cents.. woop woop give it up.
    Barbie sorta likes Ken a lot.. and she doesn't know what to do. She had felt for the longest time that she simply wanted to kiss him and get him to like her... but Barbie now fears she has lost the control over this feeling she felt and she may now like Ken more then she meant to. Poor Barbie.. a crush is called a crush for a reason. Anyway, my mom is looking into private schools.. she often does this when she gets our reports cards lol. I studied for my permit today, yesss. But I fell asleep, eh oh well.
    I missed chem today cuz i had to go to guidance and it would have only been like 10 minutes but he was in a meeting so i was there for like...40ish minutes.. woo hoo no chem
    I didnt go to my youth group today cuz i was soo tired i was asleep actually so i didnt go.. it's okay though because I never miss it. But it wouldda been funn to go.. but tomorrow Im going to Pastor Jons house so itll be funn. Okay enough writing im not in the mood heh.

    Quote of the day: Yell+bad= rhyme
    er that doesnt rhyme
    yell+sad= rhyme
    that doesnt rhyme eitherHAHA dumb mike
    XXxBebeSweetixXx [10:56 PM]: hey atleast i canrhyme
    WompWomp61 [10:56 PM]: yell and bad
    WompWomp61 [10:56 PM]: yes..but u cant press the space bar
    XXxBebeSweetixXx [10:56 PM]: haha
    Memory of the day: Spanish.. cuz I was sorta not in the best mood today but Ash is so funny, she got me 2 laugh lol

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