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cheapsung (cheapsung) wrote,
@ 2012-03-01 15:35:00
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    available. Some websites
    attach decals to the jersey. There are many "iron-on" images available. Some websites allow you to print your own logos and pictures. The decals can be letters that spell out the child's name,
    NHL Jerseys family photos or an image of the child's favorite cartoon character. Iron-on prints are commonly found at craft stores.

    Sew patches onto the arms of the jersey with a sewing kit. If you child has been awarded a Boy Scout patch, or received another type of patch award, it can be attached to the jersey and the child can wear it
    Cheap NHL Jerseys with pride while watching or attending a Jets game.

    t of the room. If you have an Aaron Rodgers jersey, you can hang it on the center of one wall, which is painted Packers green. Surround it with pennants, game programs and tickets. You can even frame a newspaper headline from the morning after his Super Bowl win and hang it above his jersey.

    Hang several jerseys on the same wall, starting with your most important jersey in the middle. If you are a Cowboys fan, hang a Tony Romo jersey in the center of the wall, and surround it with those of players such as Miles Austin or Demarcus Ware.

    Focus on players, instead of teams by grouping all your quarterback jerseys together NHL Jerseysor having players from rival teams appearing to face off on opposite walls.

    Add to the jersey stickers, glitter and any other decorations your child enjoys. The adhesive from stickers is unlikely to hold up well during normal laundering. You'll need to adjust laundering practices to whatever modifications you've made to the jersey.

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