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Charolette Sometime (charolette_some) wrote,
@ 2004-07-25 17:38:00
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    Current mood:annoyed
    Current music:Atmosphere

    because YOU said so...
    Ok? Here you go. Where do you get these anyways???

    What is you opinion on:

    Abortion: 100% pro-choice.

    Death Penalty: Undecided.

    Prostution: For, as long as it is between two CONSENTING adults. I do think it's kind of nasty, I mean, I personally wouldn't do it (BIG SHOCK) but it's their choice.

    Alcohol: For.

    Marijuana: Well, I don't smoke pot now, stopped when I was 16. I think the government should legalize it and tax the shit out of it. HA!

    Other Drugs: Depends on what drugs your talking about.

    Gay Marriage: FOR!!! If people love eachother there should be no reason why they shouldn't be allowed the right to be a family.

    Illegal Immigrants: ????

    Smoking: For. It's your lungs.

    Drunk Driving: Definately AGAINST.

    Cloning: Uhm.... didn't they clone a sheep once?

    Racism: AGAINST!!! My Biggest pet peeve next to sexism.

    Premarital Sex: For. It's your body, you know the risks, protect yourself.

    Religion: I'm for it, but I was raised catholic so I'm kind of against organized religion. I think it's just another way to seperate people. Who are you to say that one religon is right and others aren't? Believe the way you want to believe.

    The War in Iraq: Against.......

    Bush: Idiot.

    Downloading Music: For. I think it helps alot of smaller and more unknown bands get their name out there. seriously.

    The Legal Drinking Age: AGAINST. Why is it that we can send an 18 year old boy off to die for "our country," but he can't have a beer? Come on now.

    Porn: For, why not. On the whole I think Porn is cheesy. It makes me laugh. But if that's what floats your boat then go for it buddy!

    Suicide: No comment.

    ***** Hope this makes you satisfied.

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