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Beautiful Child of Chaos (chaosisbeauty) wrote,
@ 2003-12-18 21:09:00
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    my last final is tomorrow i going to fail i know this it doesn't matter any way all i want to do for the next few years is live out of a car not be homeless but just live life a little go place do things see people met knew people all i want to do is go to shows drink go to other countrys drink and have fun i am only going to live once or at the least remember it once i want to live this life to the fullest and if that means being poor well i grow up poor might as well die poor no need for money anyway it just makes you weak and stupid if you have to much of it i want to fix the world fuck that i just want to fix the communty around me fuck the world fuck everything even me no one is to good to be poor no one is better then me and i'm not better then anyone and i'm sick and tired of people thinking they are and judge me with out even knowing me everyone likes to assume shit like i'm rich or i'm not a real punk because of whatever reason well fuck all you for one i never said i was a punk i said i liked punk music and a agree with something that the punks i know agree with but i'm differntly not a punk and as for money and i don't fucking have money i don't even have a computer i use my friends and the ones at my college and i have final aid for that so before you all start to judge me and assume and bunch of shit that isn't true get to know me or safe me the trouble and just leave me the fuck alone because chance are i won't want to be your friend because you will be to closed minded because even though i have opinions and i don't back down it doesn't mean that i don't listen to other peoples points of view and take it in because i do and i listen as much as i talk and i only stand up for what i belive in so if you have problem with the fact that i'm up front and honest and don't take your shit well they you aren't ever punk at all and having the ablity to mak eyou doesn't make me a bad person the fact that you pushed me to the point where i had to show you that ablity makes you a bad person i take care of me i stick by me and i stick by my friends and exs yes even the ones that have fucked me over many times because i'm a good person i'm not miss porm queen or cherleader matreal and yes i can be a bitch and yes i can be the most fucked up person you will ever met and you will never understand whats in my head because i don't even understand whats in my head but it doesn't make me horrible

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