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Chaos Promotions (chaos_promo) wrote,
@ 2003-03-14 14:05:00
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    Current music:Murderdolls -- "Dressed to Depress"

    I'm off on Spring Break, and since this meand being subjected to a much slower internet connection, I probably won't be online much. Let's hope the idiots arn't left running unchecked for too long.

    Since very few amusing things can besaid about prepositional phrases and passive voice, I'm afraid I don't have many great grammar class moments to post.
    First, an amusing slip of the tongue: "The second elephant of a 2-part verb"
    Then the general sentiment of professors across the country: "I have to point out a few problems with chapter seven, otherwise I won't be doing my job. Which primarily is to confuse you."

    The professor is originally from New York, and sometimes slips into the accent and utters things like "youse" apparently, he's been asked in previous classes how on *earth* he ever became an english teacher. Amen for smart asses ~.^

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2003-03-23 18:17 (link)
yo shut da fucc up bout dis ''english language'' shyt... befo you get smacked.. i see you havnt learned to grow up.. since ya ass likes ta be comenting in otha ppl's journals.. you obviously had no problem goin thru mind and readin' it..thank you fo visiting mi journal.. its been a pleasure.. now bitch fucc off befo you get smacked.. got dat?

enlish language shit.. das madd funny... holla tricksta

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2003-03-25 06:03 (link)
I love your grammar comments hehe
Yesterday in english my teacher said that when talking about yourself and another person, the reason you say "he and I" as opposed to "I and him" is because it's polite to put yourself last. I'm not sure why I found that funny but at the time.... yeah. Haha I'm so simple ^_^

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