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Stefanie (chalupa328) wrote,
@ 2004-11-17 17:27:00
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    Current mood: sad

    ass hollllle
    today was okay i guess, i was kinda in a bad mood today for some reason... classes were okay, i found out i have a 95 in algebra 2 which is good considering everyone else is failing (and yes bitch, that WAS my grade! :D )I had bowling again and i still suck, its kinda retarded how all the others girl just walk up there and drop the ball, and it goes 2 miles an hour, and they get a strike.. and i actually try and it looks like its going good, but its not. But oh well, i dont really care anymore, it's not really funny, especially since i have like no friends in my gym class. Then for ASR i had to go to the computer lab and work on my powerpoint presentation which i am totally dreadinggg!! ugh... Katie did hers today ( i spelled it right this time ) and then i hung out with Jess and Emm 9th Period. And I am so proud of you Emm! You finally stood up for yourself against that asshole and it was amazing... i love you emm! :) and then instead of working out i walked with bobby over to the elementary school where his mom works and we sat there for a while and then me and bobby went up to his house and then back down to the school where i sat by myself for a quite a bit while i waited for my ride... yeah, what fun. not. and so now i am home and my mom just decides not to make dinner tonight, and we have absolutely no food in our house, so im like starving... but hey, who cares. i need to work on my powerpoint some more now... later

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2004-11-17 18:27 (link)
I love you stef :-*... i'M PROUD OF Emmie!!!

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2004-11-21 19:51 (link)
yes i am quite proud of emmie.. that ass hole can fuckin drown and go to hell, and no one would really care, except for maybe the BiTCHES that FUCKED him while they were going out

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