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Stefanie (chalupa328) wrote,
@ 2004-08-18 16:22:00
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    Current mood: satisfied

    well last night i did end up going to the mall to get volleyball shoes, they had a deal at Champs.. 2 for $90 so i got volley shoes and then just a pair of school sneakers... then i came home and talked to bobby for a while and watched beach volleyball on the olympics which was pretty cool.. then i went to bed..

    this morning i woke up and went to my first session which went pretty good.. over the break i went with the new girl, Ashlin, to sopranoes and we got some lunch and then we walked back and sat at the school, then we had our second session which also went pretty good.. at the end i got pretty nervous to find out if i made varsity or not... at the beginning of the week i thought i wouldnt really care if i made it or not but then i realized i did... but i did make it! :-D which was a big relief... after that i stayed at JV's practice for a little bit and then went outside and saw bobby for like 2 minutes.. and then went and waited for my ride.. i just got home a little while ago and i think i am going to go hop in the shower.. i doubt i will doing anything later cuz i gotta get up early and be at the school by 8:30 for Ithaca Varsity Team Camp for Volleyball..

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