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Amanda (chachabangbang) wrote,
@ 2004-09-10 21:34:00
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    Current mood: mellow
    Current music:My head pounding

    Are you ready for some....FOOOTBAAALLLL?
    well just got back from our first home game (i think) we won 13-0 or something like that!! i'm glad we won, the volley ball team won 2!!! (they are normally very unapreciated and they are important to so) yeah i hung out with Ali and Cara most of the time, then we found Jake and Mike and hung out with them most of the rest of the time...oh yeah near the end Kaytlen came!!! So she hung with us to! I saw Lindsay do her kick ass halftime routine perfomance! go lindsay! it was awesome the bad is sooo good! congrats....i obviously saw the chearleading team and got to say hi to Lauren. their part in the halftime thing was pretty good congrats to you cheerleaders as well! how do i put this nicely....someone i know....that was at the game tonight....that we saw a lot of, is really um pesterius...(new word) like omg...they were pissing us off soooo bad! but thats something i don't want to put in this because anyone can read it...yeah...haha lmao, Josh in 8th grade came up to me SOOO baked it wasn't funny omg i was trying so hard not to laugh...haha but it was great! We have some sexy guys on our football team, i know random but true true! Ali and Cara got like 4 coffees! lol it was really weird and then just a few other things...but all in all it was a good night!!! well i'm out ..bye

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2004-09-11 20:47 (link)
IT'S A sorry i haven't written any comments but yeah i love comments too you know lol...well thanks for the compliment for was hard...but yeah i need to go READ MY BLURTY bye

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