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CEVEN G-BETZ (cevensworld98) wrote,
@ 2003-06-19 19:58:00
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    The end of eigth grade
    Most people anticipate the end of a school year and they cant wait for it to end, but i have to differ. Finals happen at the end of the year and all you have is studying to do. My parents are cool but during finlas week they say that i cant leave the house or anything like that. I cant have people over or go over to someones house. I mean i know they are doing it because they love me and because they want to see me grow up into a successful person but it is like evry day is the same thing. Homework, school, tests, quizzes. Its always the same thing, and even if i try to study and work hard i still get the same shit every day. I love my parents so much and they mean the world to be but i feel like i have no freedom or at least a limited amount. I have a social studies final coming up and i really have to study for it. Its just like the math test. I study my ass off and then i go in and its the easyest test ever. I have faith that i will do well on my social studies test because most of it is common sense. Right now is the time that i am most worried about my grades because i go up to my grandma and grandpas house at the end of the school year approxamatly 2 days after i get my grades. So if they are bad, then the vacation sucks, but if it is good, then i have fun. So you see, there is no way out of it. I study so hard and i get good grades and i have a great summer. But for ONE bad grade i get i am reminded over and over again to study harder and to not play even though i try my best to study. I love school and i like to be in school but somtimes it can affect the time i have even when im not there. Well, back to the social studies studying. This got a little steam off my chest. Im glad to have written this down!!!


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