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Electric Mountain Union (cereal_war) wrote,
@ 2003-08-06 12:51:00
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    Current mood: cranky
    Current music:Bikini Kill- I Like Fucking

    i'm just a shit outa luck
    Hello children...nothing at all is's really boring here, you people aren't fun at all...Jenna is pissed off at me cause i said something about trina...wasn't that big of a comment...and jenna flips in pure bitch fashion and then acuatlly expected me to apologize...are people that stupid?...seriously...and now she'll probably like send Charlie P to like kick my ass...kinda like when mark vella was gonna kick my ass...oh man that was a fun time...people thought i was just the biggest asshole...because i returned a simple favor...I don't understand why people don't believe in if a person does somethign to you do it back...seriously people say it's the fuckin bible or somethin, Treat your fuckin neighbor as you want to be fuckin spit on me...i'll fuckin fling my mono ridden saliva in ur before people start a riot, i don't have mono anymore...that was a reference to a while ago...and jenna trys to give me "advice" to me about relationships and shit...when she's the one who fuckin said she wanted to marry Charlie P at this age...she'll deny saying it...but trina told me herself...not that i can really trust trina's word ever since all that Trent, Derek, jono, the cousins from england, must i go on oddities...i seriously don't understand the people around here...they think they are soooo morally right and what they think is right...when they do all the fucked up stuff themselves...fuckin hypocrites...i think the only morally right and good person i know around here is Kirsten, and i respect her for it...dave sanchez used to be, until he started gettin mad at everyone who ever kissed a girl except his brother...while dave might be a major asshole to me and treats me like shit, i still have hope in the boy...he'll come around...why do rain and zoe live so far away continuing on... I don't think there is much more to all can now continue with ur rumors and spreadings of other people's buisnesses...and one more note...don't get me wrong, i'm not morally right myself, but i don't consider myself to be...much love to the cool kids and many death wishes to 98% of you out there


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2003-08-09 18:12 (link)
why kirsten?

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2003-08-09 22:15 (link)
"man, thats some good shit" - tittle

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2003-08-10 08:23 (link)
tittles weird

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2003-08-10 16:21 (link)
why kirsten tho

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