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Colleen (celticchick47) wrote,
@ 2003-11-24 18:02:00
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    Current mood: nostalgic
    Current music:Special Guest - Land Down Under

    God only knows what I'd do without you
    gotta love Lauren's Love Actually soundtrack :)

    And God only knows what I'd do without lovely surveys :)

    [i know]: nothing that will ever get me anywhere - lots of random trivia. and things people tell me - whatever it is, i really am listening and retaining
    [i want]: not much - i'm usually pretty content. well for things to work out, thats what i want
    [i wish]: i knew where i was going with my life
    [i hate]: being misunderstood
    [i miss]: the park overlooking the beach, certain smells, my Godson Misha
    [i fear]: being left behind and being forgotten about
    [i hear]: God only knows what i'd do without you from 301's latest soundtrack, lauren typing behind me, the squeaks from the elevator
    [i search]: peace and people i can make happy
    [i love]: my family, my Godson, catherine, dave, music, the theater crew, the beach, Christmas, my grandma's house, being kissed, watching the stars for hours at a time
    [i ache]: when i know that something is wrong and i cant do anything to change it
    [i care]: about everyone who has ever come into my life.
    [i always]: procrastinate, look up to see if i can see the stars when i go out at night
    [i listen]: to everything. stories, problems, randomness, everything - that and a lot of music (now a lot of acapella and canadian folk songs thanks to a couple of crazies who mill around 308 hehe)
    [i sleep]: never. its really a problem
    [i giggle]: incredibly high pitched. just like i talk when i get excited or upset (thanks Manny)
    [i think]: about too many random things - this is where my ADHD kicks in
    [i shower]: constantly
    [i dance]: a lot more now than i ever did before
    [i desire]: to be loved
    [i cry]: not too often actually. probably not as much as i should at times
    [i do not always]: realize what i do or say
    [i take]: lots of showers hehe - that and the time to wander and read teeny plaques that everyone else disregards - to the point where it drives people nuts
    [i write]: as much as i can
    [i jump]: when i'm telling a story
    [i smile]: when someone does something to make me
    [i learned]: that i have been so incredibly lucky
    [i try]: to learn something new, make someone laugh, and change someone's life. everyday. thanks dad
    [i can usually be found]: in my room, in siena, Blackfriars theater, curled in a corner people-watching
    [i need]: absolutely nothing but faith and trust
    [i smell]: like my shampoo, so i've been told
    [i joke around]: all the time - more than people realize sometimes
    [i believe]: in God, that everything happens for a reason, and not trying so hard as much as letting those things happen
    [i hope]: i do whats right and i never steer anyone else in the wrong direction
    [i see]: my RA skipping down the hall
    [i like]: the dorkiest things in the world - woo for Colleen "easily amused" Rosati
    [i am]: all over the place - too excited and interested to sit still for too long
    [i dream]: like one big dali painting - very very abstract. or other stuff that we dont have to get into ;)
    [i lost]: my glasses for the moment - ooops
    [i make]: people laugh
    [i can’t]: roll my tongue
    [i laugh]: all the time- almost as often as i sing
    [i paint]: a lot more than people realize
    [i don’t]: curse that often, smoke or really drink
    [i will]: live in the mountains
    [i heat]: ramen
    [i just]: listened to Christmas music with my roommate and told Liz a story
    [i taste]: the mint in my mouth
    [i don’t like]: disregard
    [i admit]: just about anything - i'll be the first one to tell you when i screw up
    [i touch]: everything and everyone and love being touched in return
    [i lack]: work ethics - and enough time to accomplish everything i want to
    [i adore]: babies and guys being chilvarous
    [i should]: do homework and my composition
    [i have a right to]: be happy
    [i play]: piano, guitar and a teeny bit of viola as well as a mean game of spit (reigning Rosati champ)
    [i tell]: anything about myself, very little about others
    [i read]: all the time
    [i never]: dont think theres too many things that i can say this about with a clean conscience
    [i sing]: every waking moment - without even realizing it half the time
    [i pick]: dandelions
    [i eat]: a whoooole lot. especially with the stash across the hall - it will be my downfall of freshman year
    [i say]: a lot - i'm pretty chatty - hehe even with complete strangers
    [i freeze]: all the time.
    [i have]: brown/green eyes

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2003-11-25 01:14 (link)
cait says
sorry bout the mad rage post
coffee.. december break?
could be a fun reunion.

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2003-12-04 02:59 (link)
i LOVE that movie
love actually

and i know i will also love the soundtrack when i buy it for myself sometime in the near future

and i KNOW we will be listening to it as we drive around aimlessly

and i KNOW hugh grant is very very hot when he is dancing

and i KNOW i heat ramen too

cause its yummy


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