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Colleen (celticchick47) wrote,
@ 2003-11-18 19:46:00
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    Current mood: hyper
    Current music:Walk with You - Dispatch

    little taste of the good life, whether right or wrong
    *name 3 habits you have:
    1.) fidgeting. a LOT
    2.) biting my thumbnail when i'm pensive
    3.) drawing in the margins of my papers

    *name 4 scents you love:
    1.) guys cologne (hehe i'm not gonna lie)
    2.) my grandmother's backyard in Mass.
    3.) Christmas trees
    4.) the salt water smell at the beach

    *name 3 animals you like:
    1.) monkeys
    2.) ducks
    3.) panthers

    *name 6 television shows you love:
    1.) trading spaces
    2.) friends at McPhails
    3.) seinfeld
    4.) i love the 80's (but only if i'm with lauren or in the greenroom :)
    5.) scrubs at McPhails
    6.) the PC movie channel - best ever
    because i watch tv? haha yeah right. (hehe yes thank you kristin)

    *name 3 bands/genres/artists most people don't know you like:
    umm i seriously doubt most people would be surprised with any weird thing i put down, but here goes:
    1.) fountains of wayne :) yay 301 McV
    2.) muddy waters
    3.) stravinsky
    3.5.) Uncle kracker

    *name 4 drinks you regularly drink:
    1.) water
    2.) water
    3.) water
    4.) water

    *name some random facts about yourself: hmm..
    1.) i'm ambidextros
    2.) i write poetry and songs (no,you cant hear/read them)
    3.) i want to live in europe - just simply for the people watching and the accents/language :)
    4.) i can wiggle my ears
    5.) i'm religious
    6.) umm i apparently talk in my sleep (thanks Lauren)
    7.) i've always wanted to get into photography
    8.) my brother and i have memorized every single word in Waynes World, So I Married an Axe Murderer and the Pirates of Penzance
    ...that's good i think. random enough?

    *have you ever...
    1.) fallen for your best friend? yes
    2.) made out with JUST a friend? girl or guy? yes. guy.
    3.) been rejected or heartbroken? yes
    4.) been in love? yep yep
    5.) been in lust? haha thank you Hugh Jackman
    6.) used someone? no - dont think i could
    7.) been used? yes
    8.) cheated on someone? no.
    9.) been cheated on? not that i know of...
    10.) done something you regret? yeeeeep

    *who was the last person...
    you touched? probably Will
    you talked to? Lauren (she does kinda live here too)
    you hugged? Liz - because she's cool like that
    you instant messaged? Dave
    you yelled at? cant even remember
    you laughed with? Will at dinner when i tried to explain the concept of "Hummus" to him
    you had a crush on? Peter
    who broke your heart? yeah we dont have to get into that one...

    *do you:
    colour your hair? did once
    have tattoos? NO
    piercings? one in each ear - thats enough thank you - i'm terrified
    own a web cam? nope, just bum brendan's hehe
    have aol? yes but i really should just get rid of it one of these days
    what should you be doing right now? theory homework or my spanish composition. whoops
    what are you listening to? dispatch
    chicken or fish? chicken
    do u have a favorite animal? pandas

    *name 6 people who you could not live without:
    1.) my parents (thanks catherine, they are one unit)
    2.) tommy
    3.) catherine rose izzo
    4.) Will (wooo par-tay in the car next tuesday)
    5.) Brendan
    6.) Dave

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mwuah ha ha ha
2003-11-18 21:26 (link)
im so good at disguises!

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2003-11-19 00:31 (link)
i was thinking of what to comment... cause i always comment cause its in the handbook of "best friends for dummies" and then to my surprise and shame there was already a message... thank god it has no real meaning- so i suppose it doesnt count and i am still the best friend
i guess i should stop slacking and read this thing in a more timely fashion!


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