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CELERINA (celerina) wrote,
@ 2003-03-18 18:06:00
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    Current mood: lonely
    Current music:Take me away-Lifehouse

    ok, sometimes i just really hate people, the way they behave towards others, it sucks. I seriously never thought i could feel as low as this because of the people who surround me. I realised a lot of things lately, some of these people are not my friends, i did consider them my friends but i dont know. Which sucks cos some of them i genuinly like. Just some of these people make me feel so worthless and that my taste or my opinion isnt worth anything, when i know it is as is everyones. I really dont get how people can be so small minded. And its really sad because i feel sorry for them, that they have to be like that.
    well anyway another thing which has made feel kinda crappy is the fact that i get ignored alot by people, so now i just dont say a lot, and when i do i get told to shut up. I know it sounds like im feeling sorry for myself but i'm telling it how it is, i gues what i'm tryin to say is that i just dont fit in anymore. i just dont belong i;m like in limbo or something. and the worse thign is i dont really have anyone to talk to all this about. i know how people say oh you can talk to me anytime, but its not as simple as that....i have trust issues...its not as simple as you telling somone everything. i dunnooooo maybe its all just in my head.
    Well anyway on an up note!
    ONLY ONE MONTH TODAY UNTILL I SEE LIFEHOUSE!! yaaaay at least i have one thing to look forward too, oh and getting drunk this weekend with my neighbour when my rents go away on sat night. :)

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