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CELERINA (celerina) wrote,
@ 2003-06-29 19:47:00
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    Current mood: bouncy
    Current music:jewel-sweeeeeet home alabaaaaaaaama

    long long long long time no update or what! hmm so much has happened in the last month that i can't be bothered to write it all down so ill do bullet points:
    -lh concert was temporarily off thanks to stupid but fantastic new art course, but do not cry i shall still be attending so breaaaaathe, yeah see its not so bad.
    -finished exams woohooo
    -worked alot
    -i am going to barcelona in november with my art course...its gonna be wicked
    -and and and the ball is on fri
    i can't wait till friday its gonna be soooo cool i havent seen a lot of people for about a month so itll be nice to catch up again and al be together for one last time. i had a was my mums and i altered it, but my dad insisted i went and bought a new i did, it took me 5 hours today to find it and it was in the last place i looked, but anywho its like a bright pink colour, but not too bright and its linen and long and the top is lace ohhhhhhhh its so pretty! but the weird thing is i got it from laura ashley who arent really renowned for being tredn setters but this dress is absolutely gorgeous and it goes with my shoes! i just need to go get some pink colour flowers for my hair now and im all set!
    hmm what else..ohhhhhhh i watched 'sweet home alabama'! i love that film no matter how bad a chick flick it is, the guy who plays jake has the most to die for accent in it and hes hot!
    hehe but i liked the film it was really sweet and funny, i shall have to buy it and also The calling have a song in it which makes it 10 times better hehe.
    also! i love the all american rejects... the lead singer has a look of tom welling its really freaky but ya they are cool!
    hehe ok so its like 2 months and 1 week untill i see lh...i am now goignt o manchester....i cant wait me and laura are gonna have a wicked time and also the night before im gonna see matchbox 20 tis wicked...words cannot describe it all! thats if i make it to these concerts lol i swear i am cursed...the last like 5 or 6 gigs i was gonna go to either got cancelled or i couldnt make it.
    ahhh anywho im gonna gooooo

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2003-07-01 17:05 (link)
Nofair, you gonna go see LH and MB20! Nofairrrrrr, you biznatch (lubs ya really)


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