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CELERINA (celerina) wrote,
@ 2003-05-17 20:09:00
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    Current mood: indescribable
    Current music:Everything-Lifehouse

    All good things come to and end
    I leave school on sounds so plain and cool but in fact its not that cool, its scary and really sad.
    I've been at All Saints for 7 years, thats almost half my life. If someone had said to me 3 weeks ago i was leaving in a few days i woulda have probably been so excited, but now its here im really sad, i just want it to be delayed. Im not sad about leaving the place, i'm sad about leaving the people. I have made so many incredible friends, especially over the last 2 years in sixth form, i've got to know people who i never thought i would even speak to.I know i've said stuff in the past about some of the people i am friends with, but i've realised over the past week that its just who they are, and that if they werent like that then things wouldnt be as great as they are now. Things have just got back to normal with me and i really feel like part of something, and its all gonna end on friday. Even just talking about it makes me cry. The people i have become friends with in sixth form even the ones i havent known as long, are some of the best friends i'll ever know and i will never ever forget them.
    look at me getting all sentimental. lol. The past 2 years have been one hell of a journey for me. I ave chnged so radically over the oast 2 years to myself im sometimes unrecognisable. But in a good way, i have a lot more confidence and self esteem, which is always good.
    i dont really know what else to say cos well i cant even comprehend the whole thign right now!its all a bit much and unbelieveable, it wont hit me properly till thursday night.
    but i know one thing i DO want to say, and thats thankyou
    to everyone, even though i know none of them will ever read this but its nice just to kidna say it.

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