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CELERINA (celerina) wrote,
@ 2003-04-05 18:29:00
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    Current mood: creative
    Current music:michelle branch-second chances

    standing on the edge
    well hellooooooooo long time no talk or whatever....well hmm whats gone on since my last insane rambling...ok so lifehouse postponed their tour which i was supposed to go to in exactly 1 week and 6 days but not anymore seeing as its been rescheduled to sept...such a pain in the ass i tell ya...its now on the 8th seot, which is a monday!! worse day ever and also its like my second week at art college but all shall be well...i figured it out..I have an entire year of art college i figure lifehouse was too good an opportunity to pass up so I AM GOING!
    hmmmmmm what else...well im going to lauras a week on wed, i just bought my ticket yayayay and instead of goin to lh now we re gonna go to draytonmanor, this huge theme park which should be fun, not as good as lh but fun hahaha wejust have to wait till sept now.
    ok well i guess thats it i spose..oh i also made a new site yayayayay Things Don't Walways Turn Out That Way its a site for all my lil graphis and avis and banners etc that i love making using all the things i love, so head on over and check it out and dont forget to sign the guestbook.
    also though i way aswell post the lyrics i started writing in its entirety:

    sunbeams and moonshine swirl on the ground
    sacred footsteps pave the way
    somethings unleased, somethings unseen
    that something turned the sky back from grey

    downward falling,upward calling
    lost in the air,in the fated sky
    Screaming inward,breaking outward
    i heard the call and your desperate cry

    So you think you've come too late
    to what was, to what is, to whats going to be.
    hindered by the damp air
    stopped by the realisation you can't see

    tumbling among a bed of roses
    have you figured out the thorn in your side?
    running backwards into a wall of despair
    caught in a web with no where hide

    it has no title yet though...

    au revoir

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