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CELERINA (celerina) wrote,
@ 2003-03-19 17:39:00
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    Current mood: touched
    Current music:Lifehouse-Joshua

    'sometimes people suprise you'
    well, today was a good day, i had a really long talk with m! shes one of my bestest friends ever, she really is, i dunno what i'd do without her. she had noticed something was wrong and took it upon herself to be my counsellor. So we talked about stuff and i told her what was wrong and she was trying to think how it could be solved, and most of what she said made sense. I just feel like this enormous weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Cos things between us havent really been right for a few months and it was all strange so we went into town looked round shops and went to starbucks, it was nice. Bless her i dont know what i'd do without my real friends. Anyway so i'm feeling ALOT better about myself and about things, and she mentioned a few other things which made me feel better, like the fact that a lot of people have noticed and are concered(im not an attention seeker or anything) but knowing that someone has noticed somethings wrong and is concered kinda makes you feel loved ya know.
    anyway i am gonna go for now and be happy somewhere else.
    this time next month i will have seen Lifehouse, hehe omg i cant friggin wait, i am so excited i really do think i am gonna pee my pants or somethign dumb like that
    anywho kids, ciao for now!

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