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mountaineer (cayoconcho) wrote,
@ 2004-09-09 12:30:00
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    Current mood: stressed

    today was the most nerve wracking day of my entire life. also known as the day that I took my RN boards. I had to get up at 5:30 this morning because my appointment was in GR at 9 am and we wanted to leave in good time and bypass construction traffic, so we left at 7. well we didn't bypass construction, we sat in it. but we got to GR in plenty of time b/c we got there at 8. We go upstairs to the testing center, and it's not open yet. So we decide to go use the restroom. Well apparently it's top secret in there so we couldn't get in there either without a key. So we go downstairs to look for a restroom. Again it's under lock and key. So apparently you have to have the proper clearance to pee in the waters building.
    We finally find a bathroom in a coffee shop downstairs, which may I add had the teniest stalls I've ever seen, and since i am less than teeny, it was fun.
    So we finally go back upstairs and they are open. We are the first ones there and we take numbers, i was lucky number 1, and sit down and wait. While she registers us we have to give her our fingerprint, two forms of ID, she takes a picture, promise her my know that sort of thing. And apparently it's not an ordinary fingerprint......b/c everytime i put my finger down she was like, 'um no you are doing it wrong.'' I was about to really give her a fingerprint. So anyway I get registered and then I have to fingerprint again to go into the computer room. Again I am an idiot and do the fingerprint wrong. My goodness it's like i'm a career criminal or something.
    So I get to my computer and sit down and begin to take my test. The computer can shut off after 75 questions or you can take up to 265. Well when does my computer shut down but 265. I think that every day a random person has to take all of the questions, so it doesn't necessarily mean i was doing bad. However I am not feeling at all rational about this while I'm in there taking my test, so I think I'm doing really bad. And i get up and take a break, and of course let's fingerprint me again b/c i might have changed since I was in there being watched by the video cameras and all. At least this time she only had to ask me to do it once. Even career criminals can get the hang of fingerprinting apparently.
    I go back in and have decided that yes I am the unlucky person that is getting all of the questions and that i have to deal with it. So about question 255 i'm getting really stir crazy and just want to be done.
    so i finally finish and want to cry and puke and pass out all at the same time.
    so now i am done. maybe i'm a real nurse, maybe i'm a dumbass.....officially that is. I DON'T KNOW AND I WON'T KNOW FOR TWO DAYS. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
    two days of sheer hell
    and i have to move.

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