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mountaineer (cayoconcho) wrote,
@ 2004-06-26 02:14:00
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    Current mood:itchy

    I am under the influence.......of benedryl. Which I think might be more potent than alcohol. Maybe not.

    Why must people be inconsiderate? One of my biggest pet peeves is inconsiderate people. (PS I think it took me a year to write that word twice) Anyway.........I had a cousin over earlier this week and she sat on my couch talking to me running her toe up and down my coffee table, which is made of wicker by the way, making that horrible sound that was almost like nails on a chalkboard. I stared at her toe the entire time she was talking to me hoping that I could sum up some sort of Matilda power and have her toe suddenly amputated.

    And then people come to my house and are really gassy. I think it must be me. I bring it out in certain people. it's very odd.

    And then Scott and Kortney bring Buddy, their dog over, which normally doesn't bother me, but I've had a lot of allergy problems this week and so the minute he comes in my eyes start watering, I start itching everywhere and I can't breathe. Now the considerate friend would maybe take thier uninvited dog home. However they stay for the entire movie I had just popped in, drink my pop, eat my food, make fun of my overactive tearducts and runny nose and then finally leave after the movie. And I was trying not to take benedry till I was getting closer to the time for bed, b/c it makes me feel funny and sleepy.

    So there...........why must people be inconsiderate? (didn't take a year this time)
    i'm off to bed to sleep off my allergy-induced coma

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