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mountaineer (cayoconcho) wrote,
@ 2004-05-29 23:15:00
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    Current mood: indifferent

    today was the most boring day ever. i made up a resume, which i did a shitty job on, i cleaned my house, i vaccumed, i fixed my printer. and NOBODY would answer their fucking phone, so i had to sit at home all day long.
    at one point i went to target, but i wasn't even in the mood to shop. i know it's tragic. and at target of all places. sadness.
    i'm feeling kindof indifferent and moody right now. i got about a million phone calls from troll-girl jessica today..........she is having boyfriend problems and of course i'm the one to listen to them. which i don't mind, but she tells me what is going on and i am just like, whoa ok warning signs from way back from the beginning, but why do i see them and not her? and then after all of that...."are you seeing anyone special?" i was about to pull a miranda and start joking with her about dating my doorknob but then i'm like.........why the hell would i want what you are going through? she thinks her life is still so much better than mine, yet she calls me up and is like, "heather what do i do?" i just don't get it. i don't understand how people can be so stupid. i don't understand the need to always have a guy around. maybe i'm too independent, but at least i know that i won't be clingy
    also today i passed the time by playing spider solitare. of course i couldn't win hardly at all and the stupid game was laughing at me b/c i'm so dumb.
    i wish my friends were here. i wish we could be like the girls on sex and the city and go to parties and out to lunch and shopping............but nobody around here is like that at all
    i have a headache...........too much thinking and staring at the computer screen today

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