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mountaineer (cayoconcho) wrote,
@ 2003-11-19 15:22:00
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    Current mood:opinionated

    ok so there is an age when we all start to realize that we've turned into our parents. i didn't think that mine would be 22 but it is. i was watching a movie last night and five minutes into it i fell asleep. i am turning into my father. and i'm scared. although i could probably do a lot worse so if the worst thing i do is fall asleep in a movie i suppose that's ok. however it is interrupting all of you fine people that read this (all two of you) my own personal movie review of finding nemo. if i can manage to stay awake long enough to watch it today, i'll let you know what i think about it.
    also, falling asleep watching a fish cartoon can be dangerous to your dreams. i dreamt that my hand was being eaten by a snapping turtle which my brother somehow managed to pry off my finger and then on the other hand a rabid beast of a dog was using that hand as a chew-toy and the only person around was Mac, my real dog, and i wasn't going to call him over lest he get rabies too.
    let's hope tonight brings fewer painful dreams b/c man i woke up and my hand seriously hurt!
    on my way out the door to clinicals today i grabbed a slim-fast shake to drink in the car. and man, that stuff tastes like crap. and guess what? it should be called slim slow because it doesn't do anything fast............i can't even chug it fast b/c it tastes so gross.
    i only have 4 hours left at brookhaven. i am so excited i can hardly believe it. i hate that place so much. the nurses are lazy, the aides are bitchy, the residents don't get taken care of properly and it makes me want to cry b/c i want to help them but there's nothing i can do. but this also means in a month i will be a nurse. HEHEHE i'm so excited about that.
    today i got a phone call from work saying that they were yanking some of my hours b/c one of the girls at the other building hurt her back and she is back from her week off and wants to get some of her hours back. so i'm all, that's nice that she wants her hours back, but i work 3 days a week as it is............don't be yanking me around to suit her. it's not my problem that she hurt her back. but now they aren't yanking my hours so that's nice. it still pisses me off though. i'm sorry but it really isn't my problem that star hurt her back and yeah she used to work in this building and she has been there for 5 years, but she won't go pulling her rank on me b/c in a month in a half i will be a supervisor and if i had my way she wouldn't be there at all. she doesn't know what she's talking about and she's got an attitude that i'd like to knock off of her with a blockhammer.
    of course today i have an attitude too.......and am a bit opinionated but you probably already guessed that. i'm just tired of being pushed around and i'm not letting work do it and i'm certainly not letting those lazy-ass nurses at BH do it either. ha-HA!

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