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mountaineer (cayoconcho) wrote,
@ 2003-11-16 02:34:00
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    Current mood: weird

    little brown jug
    ok so i thought my night was over before when i updated but oh got better.
    kort came over after work and we were hangin out or whatever and she's all, wanna go to the bar that scott is at with my parents? uh ok i have nothing better to do tonight. so we drive ourselves to fruitport. kort takes time getting herself all made up and dressed up as per usual, which i'm all um hello even me in my jeans will probably be the best dressed person there, which i was damn close to.
    so we get there and it's a hole in the wall. and more or less it's just a HOLE. so i decide i need to start drinking immediately if i'm going to survive an hour here. so scott gets me a drink. then the band plays some slow song that scott and kort want to dance to so i'm sitting at the table sipping on my drink that i've already downed by now trying not to look too pathetic. and oh no it didn't work. a guy in a red wings jersey comes up to me and starts singing the song. i smile at him politely and kinda turn my head back to my drink thinking he'll get the hint. but oh no he procedes to sing the rest of the chorus to me and then walks off towards the bar to try and get another piece of ass since i obviously wasn't hooked on his charm and musical talent.
    so kortney comes back and i have scott get me another drink b/c after that experience i need one. and i tell kort she is not allowed to leave me. and red wings guy comes back as soon as scott leaves. he pulls up a chair and starts talking to kort. i am watching the bar for scott to return and am not paying attention to him. he's asking where we are from and if we come there often. which, ok i'm sure as soon as i walked in the door you could tell that i didn't come there often and i'd never been there before and i wasn't from there. b/c a, i wasn't smoking, b) i wasn't wearing some sort of sports paraphenalea, and c) i wasn't over the age of 35
    so scott comes back and i start sucking down my drink and red wings guy leaves finally. i instruct kortney to not leave me the rest of the night and she's all, "i thought he was cute" i'm all then go after him. b/c you know all he wants tonight is a piece anyway.
    and so after one more drink that i managed to guzzle down in about 3 minutes time we were off finally. i'm now back at home safe and sound in my warm, redwings free, non smokey apartment.
    i don't think i'll ever leave home again.

    ps the name of the bar was the little brown jug.......and for his pickup line federov(redwings guy) leaned in and said "so what brings you to the jug?" oh yeah you had me from hello buddy

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