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mountaineer (cayoconcho) wrote,
@ 2003-10-14 23:09:00
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    Current mood:sniffle sniffle
    Current music:God put a smile on your face-Coldplay

    i have this annoying habit of talking to people that don't listen to me. i should just stop talking to them and tell them to kiss my ass, but i don't do that. i will be having a conversation about something to do with school with my roomate, for instance, and suddenly out of the blue she interrupts me and starts talking about working out. now before i thought she was trying to make me feel bad, and sometimes i still do think that, but man now i know that she just doesn't listen to me. and like she'll be talking to me from two rooms away and get pissed when i don't answer her, even though if she had listened to me in the first place she would know that i already answered that question.
    it frusterates me when people do not listen to me.............and when they use me............and you know how i was bitching about the people at school that never stay for class? well yesterday stuff happened with their kids. once again i dont' count and i couldn't possibly understand because i have no children. well you know what, if my kids are going to turn out as such brats as yours are, I DON'T WANT THEM.
    so i gave blood today, and i've tried a couple of times in the last year and my iron has always been too low. well today it was good and the people were like, "oh you haven't donated in a long time, you know you can come every two months" i'm all listen here, i didn't ahve to come at there. and yes i know it's nice to donate blood but jeez, i come in every two months you are going to suck me dry. ungrateful i tell ya
    i've heard/read in the news about rush limbaugh being addicted to pills...........and what gets me is that it's a pretty big problem, so why don't we crack down on the doctors who keep prescribing them...........and pharmacists that have questions about doctors overmedicating their patients should SPEAK UP............i read that it's almost impossible to detox on oxy outpatient or by yourself. interesting. sorry kinda random thoughts, but not really.........
    tomorrow i have to go to the cancer center. i observe radiation and chemotherapy. talk about a depressing day.

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