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mountaineer (cayoconcho) wrote,
@ 2003-10-13 21:49:00
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    Current mood: grumpy
    Current music:I fall to pieces-Patsy Cline

    Monday is my day at school when I have to be there from 1-4:30 or 5 because of lectures. The one day a week that we actually are required to be at school for 4 hours. Well the girls that I sit by leave after an hour and a half. Then they ask me for the notes the next day. They both say, "i can't take this i have to go this is driving me nuts" or "I have kids that i have to take care of" well um, get a babysitter and suck it up i am not going to be your little bitch that gives you the notes and gets you through the class. and these girls are really nice and i like them but man, i get so fed up when the leave all the time. and so does the instructor. and then Lori, one of the ones that leaves says, 'Chris has an attitude with me" well maybe that's because you leave class early, you are quite outspoken with your opinions and you are always whining about something.
    I'm so mean. I shouldn't say things like this, but you know what? This is my journal and damnit i'm gonna be snarky.
    And another thing.......we have anecdotals to do each week. They take me at most two hours and when it takes me that long it's because i'm dinkin around and trying to do anything but what i'm supposed to do. Lori says to me, "i spent 10 hours on it on thursday and all i got was 5 entries" i'm all honey you write like ten dozen drafts of what you are going to say and then put it on paper and in the middle freak out and call everyone you know to tell them how much the nursing program sucks.
    and another thing, i don't like being analyzed. i have been told by several people recently that i'm really lippy and moody recently. and i will admit to being stressed out. but when someone is telling me that i'm going to get into trouble with my instructor because i'm letting my stress level show i don't react well to that. especially when it's from someone who doesn't see me that much and always thinks the instructor is out to get everyone. well i have a very open relationship with chris, my teacher, and have talked to her the whole time when things have been bothering me and she has been cool with it. so a little tip, if you don't know the whole story, don't overanalyze me and ask me every two seconds, what's wrong heather, what's wrong? are you mad at me? because i will not be a happy camper
    on the upside i had a couple of good things happen today.....i realized that the next test i have, i have the weekend off beforehand which is much nicer because then i don't get home at 11:30 and have to study till god knows when in the morning. and two, i bought a new watch today because my old one bit it and i got a free magic 8 ball keychain! well, it's a fossil keychain but still it's fun and it told me that alias was going to get it's head out of it's ass soon so i like it.
    work went well this weekend. the first time i did lead on a weekend. i helped out with res care, i passed my pills, i made third shift happy by doing was all good.
    i just get so frusterated with people that whine and bitch about class, but they aren't even there for the whole thing...........and they pull the whole, 'well you don't have kids, you don't understand" card on me. um i'm sorry but just because i don't have a kid and a husband/boyfriend that i need to devote time to right now doesn't make me any less affected/stressed by this program and i work a hell of a lot mroe than a lot of those people..............because they can get state i get any state help for being a single, college student? NO it's just another way for me to feel inadequate......i have no kids, i have no husband, i don't count.
    my thoughts tonight are jumbled up.........and ry this may not be so entertaining to you sorry about that....

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