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cato570 (cato570) wrote,
@ 2011-10-27 19:37:00
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    Current mood:exhausted

    Successfully Make Xbox 360 Games Exact Disc Copy And also Backup

    I've been into above situation before this is a very painful and expensive experience as we have to dishing out ton of money to purchase and replace the initial games. There is a better solution to overcome this problem instead wasting money buying the same old original games discs is to make a backup games disc and use it on routine while the initial disc store in the safe place.

    Study show there are more than 80% Xbox gamers who considered to produce a backup games discs on their own but they just don't know how to do it. prizerebel Copy and burn Xbox games by using basic copy paste method not really bring any help here as Xbox has got the strict copy protection code that are on the discs which will disable EXACT copying capabilities. You need a professional copy software which capable of backup and burn into backup DVD using the outcome of same quality since the original games discs.

    The main key player is the copying software application that really get the great work done. You need to put some search effort in the web to browse a professional and high quality software program to backup your Xbox games discs. Follow below 4 steps to get your games disc duplicate to discs within moments.

    prize rebel 1. Insert a computer game disc in the DVD-R. Like Xbox, Wii, PS will also be OK. 2. Launch the actual specialized software. Full scan and create a "Image" of this game disc. 3. Insert a blank disc, burn the actual "Image" onto this empty disc. 4. Test the "Copy Disc" on a Xbox console.

    There are lots of similar copy software out there but mostly programs and application potentially get your computer infected by infections, spyware, malware and much more! Highly recommended which provided quick and simple tutorial to guide you along the way of installation and backup process swag bucks. This application not only limited on Xbox 360, additionally, it capable to make games backup disc in several console such as Nintendo wii, PS3 and even PERSONAL COMPUTER games.

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