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sarah (catchmeinadream) wrote,
@ 2004-01-10 19:56:00
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    Current mood: giggly
    Current music:mid air love message - poison the well

    lies, lies, all frigg'n lies
    what a day. my brain has finally slowed down and allowed me to relize what really did happen the other night. my past relationship was based on a bunch of lies that he told me. it turns of that the little boy was never in a band to being with.. yes thats right, "his" band called go real slow... turned out to not even acknowledge his exsistance. its funny now that i look back on it. everything makes sense. the reason why i was never allowed to bring up the band(s) --break away and go real slow-- infront of his friends and other band members, was becuase he WAS NEVER IN THE BAND IN THE FIRST PLACE. justin is a class A loser and i am glad that i am not with that head case anymore. the worst part of it all is that he believes his lies. i think he may be a pathological liar. i have met people like that and i should have seen it coming. his new girlfriend is a friend of mine now. she confronted him on the phone last night and he started to cry. what a baby. he has no reason to cry becuase he did this to himself. the fire that he started actually brunt him i guess you can say. i shouldnt talk about lieing since i lied to justin about a few things too. justin doesnt actually have the "biggest penis i have ever seen"! he has the smallest. haha. and all of the orgasms i said that he gave me were fake.. all but i think one. and that was weak. i felt bad for him at the time and didnt want to make him cry. justin took what i said to heart. he walked around my house like he was king of the world becuase he gave his girlfriend at the time a fake *O*. he must have thought he was a "sex god". too bad he doesnt have a clue to what he was doing. i may have been harsh by writing this all down in my journal.. maybe someone who knows justin could give him a few pointers..well, not a few. he may want to read up on the female anatomy. he also lied to me about his ex girlfriend charity breaking his bass. he told katie - his new girlfriend- that he broke his bass after they broke up. charity claims that justin never had a bass. yeah so somewhere he lied twice. this boy is insane. he calls me and charity crazy. at least we arent the pathological liars here. i only lied to make him feel better. i dont lie to make myself feel better. that is just plain pathetic.

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