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sarah (catchmeinadream) wrote,
@ 2003-12-25 12:50:00
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    Current mood: working
    Current music:silhoutte - thrice

    Christmas Morning
    who would have ever thought taht christmas is already upon us. i celebrated last night so there wasnt much for me to do this morning. i woke up to a gift cetificate to the mall for 100 dollars and a breakfast of home made french toast an bacon. yumm... im actually doing better now. im forgetting about justin because last night i needed him the most. he couldnt just comfort me on the phone. i know that he wasnt worth it now. and i know that i can do better. ill find someone who will love me someday. not that fake love that i tend to end up with. this time, ill just know not to fall for someone right away like i did. i rushed into that relationship and i regret some parts of what happened between us. on another note, my sister katie and i re arranged my room. boy was that a tedious task. my room looks so nice now. i feel like i can actually breathe. before, the room looked extreemly small because i had my furnatire in positions where it made the room cluttered. yes, this is how i spent this christmas morning. cleaning my room. at least i accomplished something. for now on, im just going to be devoting my time towards school and relaxing in the mean time. i dont need a boyfiend right now. although it would be nice, sometimes its best to be alone to find out who you really are. no matter what, i know that i will find someone who is right for me. everyone does... im not going to let one little heart brake bring me down. i cant let someone who doesnt love me anymore make me upset. its not worth me being stressed out and its not worth me getting an upset stomach over. sure we had great times but i know that i will have more with someone who i will find in the future. maybe even better. im going to go back up in my room and finish up last minute things. have a merry christmas everyone!

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