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LeSSBEE 1 (catchm3) wrote,
@ 2003-11-19 20:33:00
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    Current mood:anxious
    Current music:start angry..end mad-Moneen

    i am to weak to be your cure
    wowzers this is my first entry in my third journal!! ha.. i think it's a sign. well ya my other journal got suspended and being online was beginnning to be soo Fin boring so i decided to make another one of theis thinger magigers! i really dont have ne thing to say. i'll probably just update when i get bored or have nothin to do. well im going out w/ john. its pretty fun lol. i predict we will be together for a very long time. even matt says so. so ya lunch has been really good lately. no one is fighting in our little circle of love. today joey got into a fight w/. that little kid louis that got into a fight with mike S or somthing in advisory. well the kid was talking about joeys mom and then matt got into it and me xtee and k8eelyn were laughing our asses off cuz i mean the kid's voice is Fin Halrious!!! i mean its all squeeeeky and little like. but that kid has issues he's been suspended 3 times for fighting this year. but ya im doing really good in biology. the only class i struggle in is Math. :-x i dislike it with a passion. i have a feeling my teacher is going to kick me out of the class. she proably thinks i am waisting her time. which im not. i just dont get it. she should have us go to the board and have stuff more interactive. and she should do more explaning. but i rather be sent to a differnt teacher that explains more and does more notes and examples. becuase i am slow like that. well ya i got the moneen cd. its way kick ass. next on my list is story of the year. hell ya mofo! well i gota bounce. wooott the weeks almost over. and friday skyler k8elyn johnny mishka and i are going to see The CAt in the Hat!! i am way excited. it looks like a grand movie!

    ha me and skyler made this up the rock sign is loose pussy... peace sign \\// is skinny pussy.. and \\\/// <-- that is fat pussy.. haha and he always says H2 i think i got it..

    <\3 lile ANN

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