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LeSSBEE 1 (catchm3) wrote,
@ 2004-01-23 23:19:00
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    Current mood:drained
    Current music:rufio-in my eyes

    kiss me.. underneath the milky twighlight
    man i totally forgot about this piece. well life has been pretty umm interesting. everythings doesnt seem in place. last year was the best. i mean this year is good in some ways but i mean i miss the confort that everyone had with eachother. like eveyrone knew eachotehr and everyone knew eachothers story. idk like i dont know what to think of people anymore and how i think about myself these days. like last year was so different from my life this year. i mean last year was a blast but it was also a lot of the worst times i had in my life. last year there was not a lot of shit talking and this year there is a lot. idk i just feel like not a lot of people are truthful. and like dont see it from the other persons perspective. man and just how when its not other peoples buinsess they like get into it like they care even if they hate you. man so much shit i cant baer. man i got like this dizziness feeling in my head like drowsey. idk i guess im ganna go to bed .. so mch shit i dont wnna share.

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