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Casper (casperxxrose) wrote,
@ 2003-12-23 23:32:00
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    Current mood:thoughtful

    Christmas is coming. My mother and father didn't give a fuck about what religion we were or grew up to be but we always celebrated Christmas. My mom had me when she was fifteen and when she turned to her church for help, they shunned her so she always called herself a spirtual runaway, which is kind of cool. My dad plain didn't give a fuck. So I chose Catholicness, or whatever, because Jewishness (or whatever) is cool but you only get one present every night for eight nights so it's like, okay, eight presents. My guidance counsler in seventh grade told me to choose my religion on its aspects and beliefs, not its holidays. I didn't listen to that and chose Catholic so I could have fun on Christmas and get more than eight presents. I chose this when I was twelve. Now I fucking hate the religion and wish I didn't fucking pick it but now I got the fucking holy water on my hair in eigth grade so I can't really change it. Christmas is fucking fun because I get to go to alot of really cool parties and my mom sends me presents in the mail. I wish I could change myself to no religion though, because I could still celebrate Christmas and not deal with the fucking stupid shit in the Catholic religion.

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2004-05-23 19:11 (link)
uh i dont know you but why cant you change your religion?? heh it is up to you.

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