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Bronagh (casalupita) wrote,
@ 2003-08-09 22:54:00
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    Okay, excuse me for being nasty/horny/gross and all, I promise I won't ever do it ever again(ha), but I merely learned the most beautiful thing I have ever heard.

    According to a gay film website, Johnny Depp is set to play a gay man in a movie about a Shakespeare contemporary. But oh my holy shit. . Do you KNOW who is playing his gay lover? Do you have any CLUE?


    (As the website said,"Can you stand it??!")

    I cannot contain myself at the thought of that


    P.S. Haha. Yeah I know this entry was a little weird, but reading that was just like "Wowwwwwwww." I had to bring it to attention.
    God is so good.

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2003-08-10 03:40 (link)

jude law is so fucking sexy. so incredibly beautiful. i can barely contain myself.

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2003-08-10 15:01 (link)
YES!! So true, everything you said. He's easily the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. So. Inhumanly. Perfect. Wow...
You have excellent taste, my friend.

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2003-08-11 01:26 (link)
...must....have.....jude law.......johnny

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2003-08-11 02:30 (link)
its a kayboo! just wanted to say HI!! um.....yeah sounds like a good movie. very good movie, in fact. mmmm.....yeah. oh just to remind you, the volunteer orientation thing is on august 23rd starting at 10 at the downtown ymca which i believe is at 909 4th ave. dont forget!! wanna mooch around downtown for a while afterwards? coffe and a movie, perhaps? of course, back to school shopping is always good.....;-) (how many ways can abby and kay go broke while together? a hundred and 92!)

love you lots....ill call you soon, ok? i was half asleep all day today, and am now waking up at the convenient time of 1125 at night. faaaabulous......but ive gotta make sure to talk to you before i leave for my outdoor trip. ciao!


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2003-08-11 20:32 (link)
Don't get me wrong, I like your witty entrys as much as the last guy. You are very funny and a good writer. I only have one complaint that isn't really a complaint and just think of it as more of a suggestion. The first entry talks a lot about celebrities. The second and third are about Johnny Depp (I agree about his good looks). I wouldn't dream of you to stop writing about those things. BUT could you write more about yourself? I mean it would just be nice to get to know you. But really don't stop the good work.

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2003-08-16 14:43 (link)
dont get me wrong, i like your comment, its very interesting, but i have only one complaint and it more of a suggestion seem to talk about bronagh's entry content alot, BUT you never talk about yourself. who are you?

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2003-08-19 02:26 (link)
A NINJA IN THE SHADOWS! And no, its not me.

And whats up with this whole Jude Law thing.... and why doesn't anyone like him as a robot in AI. He played such a cool part. Self appearance changing male gigolo? Hey now! Almost as hot as me:


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2003-08-28 01:42 (link)

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