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caroline (carolineburoker) wrote,
@ 2005-05-30 22:50:00
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    Current mood:content
    Current music:fast cars and freedom

    happy memorial day
    long time no enrty.. the sad thing, theres not much missed in my life from then til now.. anyhow

    it was a good weekend all in all.... other than the fact i worked fri, sat, monday(today) good things still happened...

    friday. worked til 11 came home went to bed...
    sat. worked.. went to f.wayne.. peaceful evening :) came back sun noonish
    sunday.. goood good day.. bethay jane's graduation open house.. got there around 4:30, and of course the moment we get there caiden is stolen... go figure, but anyways then we go for the food. and you konw its a good day went you get grandmothers cake. then mingled w/ the fam and some old friend that were there.. and i must say some were looking pretty gooood :) haha and of course later we all let them know it. by that i mean, ya around 8 the wonderful uncle tom gets the celebration started. uncle chris got out his guitar get up and sang us some good cournty music..and a few margartias and other stuff later the family gets a little louder and things aren't so mellow... things carried on til about three then it was time to go cause some of us had to work the next day.. but it was great night because i love my family. they are some of the best people to party w/. altough we do have some of those awful random moments given to us by brock, everything was all golden.

    today. good too, most boring day at work but.. i had some ivanhoes ice cream w/ pete (trojan three highly recommend it) and that makes anyday grand.

    sorry thats all i have to tell..

    ooooooo AND kelly is coming FRIDAY if not before.. and i guess you can say im VERY excited about that.

    take it easy

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2005-05-31 00:26 (link)
very glad to see you update....i see the smile by the peaceful evening...caroline...i konw....dont lie anymore..i just playing..
your family sounds pretty fun....its fun b/c when we all get together...its werid how we stay wherever till like 3-4...and...its with like my old family members..who normally go to bed at like its pretty neat...
ill probably start to feel creative this week so i can bring you somethign...sorry though its going to be all homemade b/c i am ad broke as a joke...for real...but hey...the real gift we be there this weekend, which is of course ...ME! alright though...ill talk to you tomorrow...havea good night! byebye

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