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caroline (carolineburoker) wrote,
@ 2005-05-19 22:29:00
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    another day
    well today i got to sleep til 10, always a great start to a day. drank a cup of tea, watched the view, did nothing pretty much. it was a good day off other than the fact it was shitty weather.

    got the mail.. found out i'm going to ipfw next year and hopefully(fingers crossed) living w/ elizabeth.. that will be a WONDERFUL year i'm sure...
    craziest thing i'm writing her name down for housemate, and she calls.. whoa.. but i'm very excited now cause i'm going to see her sat! i haven't seen her in what seems like forever.. really wish kelly would be there too but we'll see her soon!

    made some cookies today to send to kelly and beth.. and good cook caroline leaves them in too long.. but not really cause i put them in as long as it said to, but o well theyre burnt and .... guess i have to send them something else.

    watched the o.c. season finale.. love that show..

    pacers lost, go figure, reggies last game...

    had a few calls today... peter, layne, dad a few times, aaron, beth, matt, and i'm sure ill talk to kellly after i finish this.. so ya, unusual day for my phone... but not in a bad way

    tomorrow i work from 2-10 then maybe gettin together w/ the 04s to reunite or whatever... but then again i may just go to sleep cause i have to work sat at 7... AHHHHHHHHH

    anyways, thats all for now..

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2005-05-20 13:00 (link)
Im real excited your going to long as you and beth do not like your new neighbors more than that even possible? im kidding im kidding, but for real..

hmm...i would have really liked those cookies too, maybe good cook caroline needs to look at the junior cookbook with kelly eh? its alright though...we're learning, at least that what i tell myself..

well..have fun at beths tomorrow, maybe while youre there, since you guys might get bored you can just send me a package..that'd be sweet too, id get 2 in the same week!

alright enough of me, be careful tonight...


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