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caroline (carolineburoker) wrote,
@ 2005-05-18 22:44:00
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    day one
    bare with me on this, i'm new. these past couple weeks have kinda sucked. i leave school, and two days later start work, yea... um no, i hate working at a gas station. in no way do i think im too good to work in a c store, but the people that ask for my number are pretty much the most disguting things ive ever seen, humm thats sayin a lot about me, anyways.. i'm venting sorry. i think i'm so bitter because swayzee might be the most dull town ever. that and the fact that kelly and beth aren't here everyday for my entertainment.

    well i went to work at 7 today. me, def not a morning person going to a job where i have to wait on people for 8 hrs is not my idea of fun, yet i need money to survive so i do what i gotta do. i sold over 500 packs of cigs today a record i think for me... also i had a mullett count from 7-12 and in that period 16 came in and 4 of them were ladies. neat. now i have a new one to look for, aaron (boss) asked if any camero tops came in (women w/ the 80's featherd look) so now i'll be keeping count of the kids stuck in the past. ya, its fun. good part about this job-free fountain pop :) SUPER! ya so i drink dt. mt dew allll day long.

    went to b's last home game.. they one, congrats love!

    caiden went for his 4 mo check up today.. had to get shots :( poor guy. i can't believe hes 4 mos already! seems like he just got here. he might be one of the greatest things ever

    dads still in ohio.. workin on the railroad...

    miss my shell, its really weird being the only one here, going from the craziest summer ever last year w/ 2 grads, weddings and whatnot going on around this house to pretty much me living here by myself... kinda sucks....

    i really think kelly should move in

    happy thoughts... hummm.... i got new shoes today. theyre pretty neat. thats about it

    i think thats all the complaining i have for today. have a good one..

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2005-05-19 00:35 (link)
Nice job on the blurty caroline...i remember my first entry, in face i had a differenty name..loong ago..long time

anyways..i feel you on that dull town stuff..i ean never in my life would i ever say "i wish i was in school again" but dont worry, ill be down there soon have no idea how bad i want to just leave right now..but i cant do that... but here it is, your first ever post...and comment... have a good ngiht caro

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2005-05-19 02:26 (link)
PS.. im coming in like 14 days! clean up and have soom food!

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