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skyline_drive (capeside_rock) wrote,
@ 2003-08-05 20:21:00
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    Current mood: okay
    Current music:further seems forever cover of nsync's bye bye bye

    this is gonna be a rawk star!!!
    mkay...i have semi funny story to tell here. last night at band practice...there was a typical lighting/thunderstorm going on in the uncc area of charlotte.ok...keep in mind that our rehersal space is a freaking morningstar storage unit(a big ass metal box). ok so we are playing music in a big ass metal box..lots of electricity too.All of this when its lightning.ok so now the story...we had just finished playing one of our songs and my drummer jaime is like.DUDE...i just had this really profound realization that our band is gonna be famous....we were all like ok..why? and he just says...well during the song, i look up and see that everyone is bobbing their heads to the song and all into it like you just dont give a fuck...then i see outside and its just pouring down rain and theres a massive lightning one looks up or even cares that they could be killed at any moment. it just seemed like that it was something that only someone who wanted to be famous wouldnt care about or it looked like something that would go on in a video or festival....we were all like haha..thats great. it seemed like a good realization being that we were in a metal box with thousands of electrical volts at our feet in a lightning storm.

    but oh well...its rather ridiculous that we did that to begin with.hopefully something comes of this band thing.

    that was my somewhat funny that i look at it...its pretty stupid..oh well


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2003-08-05 21:29 (link)
totally awesome awesome experience. i love thunderstorms and I always do the things I am not supposed to be doing while they are occuring. I think your band will get some where just because all you guys seem like you have the strive for it.


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