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Adrian Garza (canurockmysox) wrote,
@ 2003-11-25 20:51:00
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    Current mood: drained
    Current music:before im dead-kidneythieves

    Hell Week!!!!
    charmer20062000: hey from now on aaron is righting in CAPS
    froghstid flayk: o
    froghstid flayk: ok
    froghstid flayk: lol
    charmer20062000: SO FUNNY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    charmer20062000: ya i thi
    froghstid flayk: lol
    froghstid flayk: thank u
    charmer20062000: I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    froghstid flayk: love ya too
    charmer20062000: my cuz is hittin on you !!!!lol
    charmer20062000: SO WHEN DO WE MEET
    froghstid flayk: lol
    froghstid flayk: um
    froghstid flayk: idunno
    charmer20062000: HOWS 5:00
    froghstid flayk: lol
    charmer20062000: IN THE AFTERNOON
    froghstid flayk: lol
    charmer20062000: AT THE PARK
    charmer20062000: I LOVE YOU YOU LOVE ME !!!!!!!!
    charmer20062000: lmao!!!!!!!!

    sry nanners had to put that in LMAO!!! ya so this is my freaking fisrt entery after i've been saying im going to make this tottaly baddass online journal so ya....... im done byebye naw juskiding awww os-kosh-bigosh sry random childhood memory buy the way just so u ppl know i'm very random due to the concushin i sustaind at the age of BIRDY!!!!lmao ya and i tend to laugh at myself to......jus so u know. ya on to the week my freeloading familia from quien sabe came (that was mean.....but TRUE) so i had to take care of the kids (5-8) ya it was hell the youngest one is like the little girl from the ring SHE DOESNT SLEEP!!! ::shivers:: i stayed up three nights taking care of them and i think i actually had a nervous break down LMAO sry its true but funny.awww i miss them DAMN MY BABYITIS!!!!!ya there i go again so ya thats it for now but im so going to pimp this journal up major badass PEACE!!!!

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